The Mobile Wiz Lite

Mobile Wiz Lite

What is the Mobile Wiz? 👇

The Mobile Wiz lite fits small to medium size phones. Fits up phones up to 5.7" without a bulky phone case. 

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Mobile Wiz is the original smartphone holder and travel mate! 📱✈️ 

If you're looking for a way to stay organized, comfortable, and show some personality then the Mobile Wiz Pro travel mate is for you!

Easy! 👇

You'll give yourself some peace of mind while on the go knowing you have everything you need at a moments notice. 

The Mobile Wiz Pro has enough storage to hold a pen or stylus, charging cables, headphones, a power bank, id cards, and more! 🙌

The Mobile Wiz will let you watch whatever tickles your fancy comfortably, and hands free! 

If you're like us you probably spend time watching videos on Facebook (with the sound off because you're not supposed to be on your phone at work), or YouTube (basically 21st century television with more specific commercials), or even Netflix (respect for binging Stranger Things on your lunch breaks). 👻

The Mobile Wiz will free up your phalanges and give you the flexibility to multi-task (even though apparently thats a myth)... 🤭 

📐 Adjustable angle designed for maximum comfort, compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones. The platform can be adjusted to fit landscape and portrait mode.

🔋 Charge while in use, or on the go! The Mobile Wiz is designed for easy access to your charging port and using a wall charger or battery power pack.

🙌 Go hands free! The Mobile Wiz platform allows you to go hands free while using your device, now you can use two hands while eating that snickers bar.

Go Hands Free, Go Better! 🙌

  • Comfortably watch whatever your heart desires with the Mobile Wiz's adjustable viewing angle!

  • Charging while you use the Mobile Wiz is easier than EVER with the built in power bank storage!

  • Free your hands, and leave the sitting still for the statues!

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Mobile Wiz Lite

Is the Mobile Wiz for you? 🤔

The Mobile Wiz was designed for everyone!

From watching the game while on break at work, to keeping the kids entertained while on the way to grandmas! The Mobile Wiz is versatile enough for it all! 🙌 

See It In Action! 👇

Inspired By Aviation ✈️